Legislative Task Force (LTF) Leadership Team

The LTF is made up of five "voting" members and designated "alternates" from each of the three California Chapters—Northern, Central, and Southern.  The Executive Committee is made up of two elected officers, the Chair and Vice Chair, with the Treasurer and Secretary officer positions appointed by the Chair.  The Chair and Vice Chair are elected by the voting members.  Each officer typically serves a two year term.



  Gold Rush (Northern) Chapter, Doug Kobold, California Product Stewardship Council

Vice Chair:  Gold Rush (Northern) Chapter, Christina Hanson, Placer County/Western Placer WMA

Treasurer:  Founding (Southern) Chapter, Hans Kernkamp, Riverside County Dept. of Waste Resources

Secretary:  Sierra (Central) Chapter, Herb Cantu, City of Santa Maria


Northern Chapter: Larry Sweetser, Chuck White, Joe LaMariana, Guy Petraborg (Alt), Deepti Jain (Alt)

Central Chapter: Chuck Magee, Curtis Larkin, Eric Zetz,  Dawyne Balch (Alt), Lynnda Martin (Alt)

Southern Chapter: Mike Mohajer, Sharon Green, Jim Marchese, Chris Celsi, Constance Hornig (Alt), Frank Caponi (Alt)

  Priscilla Quiroz of Shaw Yoder Antwih Schmelzer & Lange